A man discovers that the iPhone he lost in the river ten months ago is still in functional shape.

During a bachelor party in August 2021, Owain Davies, who was based in the UK, lost his iPhone in the River Wye, which is located near Cinderford, Gloucestershire (UK).


A man from the United Kingdom had dropped his iPhone in a river 10 months prior.

Miguel Pacheco, who discovered Davies’ phone ten months after Davies’ phone was lost, found Pacheco’s phone.

The status update that Pacheco posted on Facebook about his misplaced iPhone was shared 4,000 times.

Imagine that you dropped your phone in a river ten months ago, and now you’ve found it in perfect working order. Does that not sound incredible to you? Now, this is not something that we made up; rather, it is a real event that really place. A man from the United Kingdom had dropped his iPhone in a river 10 months prior. He gave up all prospect of regaining possession of it and continued on with his life, until one day he was notified that his misplaced phone had been found.

During his bachelor party in August 2021, UK resident Owain Davies reportedly lost his iPhone in the River Wye, which is located close to Cinderford in Gloucestershire (UK). The incident was reported by the BBC. It’s likely that he went back to his house with the realisation that he would never see the phone again. Then, after a delay of about ten months, he was approached by Miguel Pacheco, who had gone canoeing with his family on the same river. Pacheco had witnessed the incident. He discovered Davies’ iPhone when he was kayaking and proceeded to retrieve the misplaced item from the water. After he had dried the phone, he posted a similar message on Facebook in an effort to locate the owner of the phone. “I didn’t believe it had any redeeming qualities. “It was completely saturated with water,” he stated to the BBC.

He made many attempts to dry the phone despite the fact that he was aware the phone would most likely not restart. He did this because he believed there may have been “sentimental” stuff on the phone. He remarked, “I know that if I lost my phone, I have a lot of images of my children, and I know that I’d want it back.”

On the other hand, when he turned the machine on, he couldn’t believe what he was seeing with his own eyes. The phone began to take power from the charger, and when he turned it on, he saw a screensaver of a man and woman with the date August 13; this was the day that the phone had been dropped into the river. The status update that Pacheco posted on Facebook regarding the misplaced iPhone received 4,000 likes and shares, but Davies does not use social media. However, his pals were able to identify the phone and assisted Davies in establishing communication with Pacheco.
My companion and I were paddling in a canoe for two people when he decided to stand up, which led to our capsize. It goes without saying that we capsized.
According to Davies’s statement to the BBC, the phone was in his back pocket when he fell into the water, and he realised it was gone as soon as it was submerged. In addition to that, he mentioned that he was taken aback by all the efforts that Pacheco had made for his phone.

The iPhones that have been released in recent years all have an IP68 rating, which indicates that the phones can withstand being submerged in fresh water for up to 1.5 metres for up to 30 minutes. However, this is a miracle that does not occur very regularly and does not happen very often at all.

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