Andhra Pradesh: Eleven Students Have Been Suspended For Their Role in the “Ragging” of a Junior at the JNTU Engineering College

In the college dorm, a first-year petrochemical student is said to have been beaten up by two students in their second year of study and nine students in their third year of study.

In an engineering college in the city of Kakinada in the state of Andhra Pradesh, as many as eleven students were expelled after being accused of ragging a younger student. Reports indicate that the event took place in JNTU Engineering College, where the students who have been accused of the crime have been placed on suspension for a term of 15 days.

It has been reported that ten students in their third year of petrochemical studies assaulted a student in their first year of the programme when they were staying in the college dormitory. Following the event, a formal complaint was submitted on the anti-hazing website run by the UCG.

Following the completion of the inquiry, all 11 of the students were given a suspension from the dormitory for a period of two months and from courses for a period of fifteen days.

According to the college’s Vice Chancellor, the institution has a zero-tolerance policy for ragging, and individuals who participate in such activities would face severe consequences. In addition, he encouraged the older students to give their whole attention to their studies and to refrain from participating in activities of this nature.

A similar occurrence has been reported from the college on more than one occasion, so this is not the first time it has happened.

After an investigation in February of this year, the College Academic Council decided to expel 18 second-year students from the academic programme as well as the dorm for allegedly engaging in hazing activities on the premises of the dorm.

According to the information that has been gathered, the Registrar of the JNTUA received a phone call from the parent of one of the first-year students who was unhappy that their child had gone missing from the dorm.

The principal of the engineering college rushed over to the dormitory right once, but he was unable to locate the pupils in question there. Following her inquiries with other first-year students residing in the dorm, she came to the realisation that senior students had been hazing them by summoning them to their dormitory.

After the allegations were investigated and verified, 18 students were expelled.

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