The amount of money collected through direct taxes on net has increased by 45 percent and is already above 3.39 lakh crore as of mid-June.

The total amount collected through direct taxes, which was more than 3.39 trillion rupees, is comprised of over 1.70 trillion rupees in Corporation Tax (CIT) and over 1.67 trillion rupees in Personal Income Tax (PIT), which includes Security Transaction Tax (STT). The Income Tax department said on Friday that between April and the middle of … Read more

The term “bio economy” may be considered to have had an eightfold expansion in India during the course of the previous eight years: PM Modi

Following the inauguration of this two-day event, the Prime Minister gave a speech at the Biotech Startup Expo. In it, he stated that in the past eight years, the number of start-up businesses in the nation has expanded from a few hundreds to over 70,000. In a statement made on Thursday, the Prime Minister of … Read more

There is still a threat of inflation on the supply side, and Finmin is concerned about bigger deficits.

There have been calls for expenditure and revenue caps.On Monday, the Government of Finance issued a warning about an increase in the twin deficits, which may potentially create the danger of a cycle of broader deficits and a weaker currency. The ministry also stated that “rationalisation” of non-capex expenditure has, as a result, become crucial. … Read more