Tamoxifen, a drug used to treat breast cancer, might benefit from the addition of probiotics.

The microbiomes of many parts of the human body, including the breast, are unique from one another. The majority of breast cancer tumours test positive for the oestrogen receptor (ER+), which alters the breast microbiome and promotes the formation of cancer. According to recent research, endocrine-targeted treatment combined with dietary changes can alter the microbiome … Read more

A novel algorithm makes the diagnosis of Alzheimer’s disease in its early stages possible with only a single MRI scan.

Alzheimer’s disease is the most prevalent kind of dementia, and it is estimated that around 70 percent of those who have dementia have it. However, Alzheimer’s disease can be difficult to diagnose. Alzheimer’s disease is presently diagnosed by medical professionals using a battery of cognitive exams and scans, a process that can take a significant … Read more