Moderation of material in languages other than English: Meta The Oversight Board raises concerns about the absence of funding

The board highlighted in its first annual report that roughly half of the appeals came from the United States and Canada, but only 2.4% came from Central and South Asia, which is the area to which India belongs. The Oversight Board of the social media company Meta has raised concerns about inadequate investments in moderating … Read more

RCS Lab attack reveals how users of Android and iOS devices in Italy and Kazakhstan were subjected to surveillance.

Google has exposed how commercial malware by Milan’s RCS Lab infected both Android and iOS users in Italy and Kazakhstan in a new study. Google has just just disclosed in a new blog post that it has been monitoring the activity of commercial spyware providers, such as RCS Lab, which is located in Italy and … Read more

Netflix in negotiations for advertising tie-ups

Netflix announced in April that it was seriously considering expanding its advertising efforts after it reported a drop in members for the first time in a decade and forecasted a decrease of 2 million customers for the following quarter. The streaming giant Netflix Inc. is looking to fix lagging subscriber growth by bringing out a … Read more