How to keep certain persons from seeing your profile photo and last viewed date

A new update to WhatsApp now includes a feature that enables users to conceal their last seen time and profile image from certain individuals.


Users of WhatsApp now have the ability to conceal their most recent appearance and profile image from selected contacts.

The app that you use to send messages has recently got an upgrade that brings with it this new privacy option.

One of the long-awaited additions to WhatsApp’s privacy settings, which the platform had been anticipated to include for quite some time, was eventually implemented. Users now have the ability to hide their most recent appearance and profile photo from certain contacts, which may bring some users some much-needed respite. On occasion, you might find it necessary to conceal your presence from some individuals when using this messaging software.

Your phone’s address book likely has the contact information for a large number of other users’ mobile phones, but not everyone on that list will be considered a friend or family member. Since of this, you could have had the want to conceal particular aspects of your account, such as your profile picture, but you were unable to do so because the corresponding functionality was missing. If you haven’t discovered this function on WhatsApp yet and if you haven’t found it yet, then you may immediately activate it by following the procedures that are mentioned below. WhatsApp has now made it available to its customers.

How to conceal your last seen on WhatsApp as well as your profile picture from specific individuals
Step 1: The first thing users need to do is open WhatsApp and navigate to the settings section by pressing on the button with three dots that is located in the upper right corner of the screen. Step 2:

Step 2: Now, return to the previous screen and hit on Settings > Account.

Step 3: You should be able to locate the Privacy option towards the top of the screen; all you have to do is touch on that. You will find all of the settings for your Last Seen and Profile Picture right here.

Step 4: After tapping on Last Seen, you will be presented with four different alternatives. It is necessary for you to select the third option, which is labelled with the name My Contacts except. After you have done that, WhatsApp will show you a list of the contacts it has stored.

Note that WhatsApp only displays the contacts that are already stored in the address book of your phone, and does not display any unknown users. Regardless of the option you select—”My Contacts” or “My Contacts except”—the platform will only display your most recent appearance and profile photo to the people who are already on your contact list. It will not do so for any numbers that have not been stored.

Step 5: Now all that’s left to do is pick all of the contacts from whom you wish to conceal your most recent appearance and profile photo. After doing so, return to the bottom of the app and press once more on the symbol that looks like a green checkmark. You are good to go at this point.

Please take note that the procedure is virtually identical for the Profile Picture selection as well. In the area labelled “Last Seen,” alongside your profile picture, WhatsApp will show you a figure that indicates the total number of contacts that you have blacklisted.

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