Miracle Drinks is going to speed up their expansion by using the franchise model, and they have started the SAARTHI PROGRAM.

Miracle Drinks is a brand of result-oriented herbal dietary health supplements. In 2022, the firm plans to accelerate its growth and expansion through a programme called SAARTHI PROGRAM, which is a network of clinics that are administered by the company. Miracle Drinks is going to build up fifty clinics that are run by the firm as part of its ambitious long-term growth plan. By September 2022, the first phase of Miracle Drinks’ expansion will have culminated with the introduction of ten franchisees. The most recent turn of events is a component of the brand’s commitment to expand its capacity and reach out to more customers.

Dr. S. M. Raju, the founder of the company and a former officer in the Indian Administrative Service, was asked about the company’s ambitions to expand, and he responded by saying, “We believe in simplifying general healthcare and making it widely available.” We are hopeful that our franchise business model, which is an integral component of our long-term strategy for the brand, will enable a greater number of patients to have access to our natural and highly efficient health supplements.

Dr. S. M. Raju continued by saying that “Miracle Drinks aims to educate people on the benefits of natural ingredients as opposed to synthetic material, as well as on the interconnected nature of disease and cure between organs.” [Citation needed] Miracle Drinks aims to educate people on the benefits of natural ingredients as opposed to synthetic material. As opposed to treating the symptoms of a sickness in order to provide rapid comfort that is only temporary, the purpose of Miracle Drinks is to treat the disease itself. The primary goal of our organisation is to assist individuals in improving the quality of their lives by making positive adjustments to their lifestyles. When this milestone is reached, the franchises will be one step closer to interacting with a broader audience.

Miracle Drinks will be in charge of the management of these company-operated clinics, which will be located in major metropolitan areas around the country. The clinics will have teams of educated and certified medical professionals on staff to advise patients and give them access to items that are tailored to meet their specific needs. Miracle Drinks will also maintain stock and support suitable marketing initiatives in order to raise knowledge about the advantages of their variety of VEGAN Ayurvedic Medicines. Moreover, Miracle Drinks will not test any of their products on animals.

Miracle Drinks has been able to effectively serve to over 100,000 and more very ill people during the course of its existence. Miracle Drinks is an amalgamation of several herbal supplements that are formulated according to Vedic texts and Ayurvedic principles. The company’s goal is to make access to general healthcare more convenient.

The patented technology of NEO-AYURVEDA forms the basis of the Miracle Drinks product line, which consists of a variety of VEGAN ayurvedic medicines. This science is the result of the fusion of research and development in Ayurvedic sciences that spanned millennia and its application to modern medicinal formulations, which was accomplished over the course of the previous 35 years. As of right now, the product line targets 170 different health conditions.

Miracle Drinks is a pioneer in NEO-AYURVEDA, and as such, we have extensive research and development efforts happening in conjunction with a wide variety of like-minded Institutions. These activities support our one-of-a-kind and scientific approach to the AYURVEDA scientific method. Cell-regeneration therapy with an emphasis on hyper-targeting the treatment of malfunctioning organs is the primary area of concentration here.

Please visit this page if you are interested in becoming a franchise partner: franchisee.miracledrinks.in.

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