PVR will become the first exhibition chain to use 4K laser projection in its venues 100 percent of the time.

New Delhi: PVR, a multiplex operator, made the announcement on Tuesday that it has entered into a “extended preferred partnership arrangement” with Cinionic, a producer of laser cinema systems, to power all 500 of its screens with Barco Series 4 4K laser projection. Next-generation 4K laser projection is available from Cinionic in the form of the Barco Series 4 range. According to a joint release, Cinionic’s laser projection provides great presentation quality with vibrant colours, high brightness, and crisp on-screen visuals.

PVR will be the first exhibition chain in India to go 100% 4K RGB laser projection once the roll-out on new and current screens is finished, the statement added. PVR will also be the first company in the world to do so.

According to the release, this development represents the continuation of a long-standing cooperation between PVR and Cinionic. Together, the two companies are working to improve the cinematic experience for audiences in India.

It was stated that “through the expanded agreement with Cinionic, PVR will also benefit from Cinionic’s enhanced services with Cinionic Cloud, a digital platform for managed services through remote connectivity, improving the performance and optimising the cost of operation over time.” [Cinionic’s] enhanced services with Cinionic Cloud is a digital platform for managed services through remote connectivity.

The Series 4 advances away from the usage of consumables by utilising reusable components such as air filters, and the laser light source eliminates the requirement for bulbs, as well as the necessity for their subsequent replacement and disposal.

At CineEurope, the largest conference and trade event for film exhibitors in Europe, which is taking place this week in Barcelona, the news was made.

“The Barco Series 4 4K RGB laser projectors is a sustainable investment from PVR as part of its endeavour to make improvements in operating processes for decreasing emissions and conserving energy for a sustainable future,” said Ajay Bijli, chairman and managing director of PVR.

CEO of Cinionic, Wim Buyens, was quoted as saying: “We are pleased to announce the expansion of our long-standing partnership with PVR to bring you a theatrical experience driven entirely by lasers. Moviegoers all around India now have access to a more environmentally responsible cinematic experience thanks to the eco-friendly Barco Series 4 projectors.”

PVR is the industry leader when it comes to film exhibition, and the company now manages 858 screens throughout 75 cities (India and Sri Lanka).

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