Regarding the plagiarism controversy surrounding JugJugg Jeeyo, Varun Dhawan stated that it has become a pattern before the film’s release.

This week marked the release of JugJugg Jeeyo in theatres, and here is what actor Varun Dhawan has to say about the plagiarism controversy that has surrounded the film.

The film JugJugg Jeeyo, which Raj Mehta will helm, is one of the movies that audiences have been looking forward to seeing the most this year. Since the announcement that the film will include Anil Kapoor, Neetu Kapoor, Varun Dhawan, and Kiara Advani in leading roles, there has been much anticipation for the film. Nevertheless, JugJugg Jeeyo has also been in the news because it became embroiled in a dispute when a writer accused the game’s creators of plagiarising their work. There has been a lot of discussion on this topic, despite the fact that the people who created the JugJugg Jeeyo have prevailed in the copyright lawsuit. And now, in an exclusive interview with Pinkvilla, Varun Dhawan has spoken on the plagiarism controversy. He stated that situations like this frequently occur before to the release of a film and that they are detrimental.

“There was nothing to indicate that such occurrences can on sometimes take place. In the event that something similar has occurred, we as artists will never stand for something like that. Because Anil Sir has been employed for such a long period of time, he is not going to do that, and neither will I ever do it. If someone is in the right, you can count on us to support them. On the other hand, when director Raj read the screenplay, he saw absolutely no similarities between the two versions at all. According to what Raj shared with us, there is absolutely no comparison between the two, and despite whatever transpired with the case, there is no injunction on the release. But I think what needs to happen is that sometimes stories that you feel are similar, it is very important to know the intent of whether someone has robbed the story or not, robbed the story or what has happened, but this has become a very big trend with contemporary Hindi films or with any films that just before the release something will happen. It’s destructive. I really hope that production companies like Dharma and studios like Viacom will do what needs to be done to ensure that incidents like this won’t occur in the future for no apparent reason. Varun told Pinkvilla.

In the meanwhile, let’s speak about JugJugg Jeeyo, which is the second time that Varun and Kiara have worked together on a project. The plot of the movie is on problems that arise after a marriage. They had their first appearance together in the 2019 film Kalank, in which Kiara had a small role.

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