Review of the Google Nest Camera paired with Tata Play Secure+: Someone is now standing at the entrance.

Even though the Google Nest Camera has been available for some time, it is just now being introduced in the Indian market.

The previous year, I moved into a new apartment just a few days before the second lockdown was implemented, which forced us all to remain indoors for an extended period of time. Now that we are gradually attempting to get back into what used to be our regular schedule, it is getting harder for us to let go of the familiarity of our house and the habits that come along with it. Technology may always come to the rescue in the shape of security cameras for those people who want to remain in sync with what is occurring at home even though they are returning to work. These cameras allow you to keep an eye on your home at all hours, which is helpful for those people. The Google Nest Camera, which comes with the connected convenience offered by its relationship with Tata Play, is most likely the off-the-shelf option that is currently the simplest one available.

Even though the Google Nest Camera has been available for some time, it has not yet been introduced in India until recently. The idea is simple, and it consists of a huge camera that can be attached to a metallic base using magnets. The base can then be drilled into your wall. Before attaching the camera to its magnetic perch, you should ideally give it a charge and make any necessary adjustments to its settings.

The Google Home app makes the setup process very simple and provides comprehensive assistance throughout. Although I did have an executive from Tata Play assisting me throughout the process, even for an iOS user like myself, it was a really smooth experience overall. The primary purpose of the assistance was to link the device to the Tata Play Secure+ platform, which enables customers to activate their Nest Aware subscription and includes familiar face recognition as well as event video history.

After you have everything set up, you can affix the camera to the metal holder it came with and then adjust the lens to get the most out of the experience. Since the base of the camera is magnetic, it can be adjusted to point in any direction you choose. This particular kind of camera can function only on the battery and has a run time of around seven days when completely charged; it takes approximately five hours to get the device back up to its full capacity when it has been depleted. If you are going to charge the camera once a week, it is probably best to keep it at a height that is comfortable for you to reach.

The Google Nest Camera’s dexterous integration with the Google Home app is one of the device’s most appealing features. Even while we were attaching the camera to its mount, my phones started receiving notifications from the app stating that a “Person Seen” had been captured by the front door camera, which is how I had referred to the review unit. Throughout the entirety of the evaluation time, I continued to receive these notifications, even while I was out of town or away at the workplace. I just needed a second to press the button that activated the alert and see who was standing outside the door.

Even without the notifications, I was able to launch Google Home and obtain a live feed from the camera. This was frequently done for the sole purpose of ensuring that everything was in order at home. In the event that there is a visitor, the camera provides the capacity to carry on a discussion with that individual thanks to the inclusion of a speaker and a microphone that are capable of performing effectively even at a considerable distance.

You also have the option, within the app, to tap on history and see it as a timeline of the most recent few hours. Alternatively, you can check out entire history and pick out clips from the most recent thirty or sixty days, depending on the Tata Play package that you have.

During the few days that I utilised the camera, the only significant problem that I had was that my house experienced frequent power outages, which rendered my Wi-Fi connection inoperable and caused the camera to become confused on occasion. Moving the camera to a Wi-Fi network that has its own power backup was the solution I came up with. In addition, there were occasions when I had the impression that the person observed alert arrived late, maybe as a result of the same Wi-Fi problem.

The Google Nest camera has an offer price of Rs 11,999, and in addition to that, you will be required to pay an annual charge of Rs 3000 or more, depending on the number of cameras, in order to maintain a Nest Aware subscription through Tata Play Secure+. If you are concerned about the safety of your house or if you have a youngster who has to be watched closely at all times, then this is the ideal piece of technology to purchase as an investment. Although there are cheaper alternatives available, they may not provide the same level of dependability as the Google Nest Camera. When you purchase this item, you are not only getting a piece of technology but also some degree of mental ease.

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