Shahid Kapoor, who is now vacationing in Switzerland with his wife Mira and their children, tweets that his “heart is full.”

Shahid Kapoor is now enjoying some time off with his family. He shared with his devoted following a stunning photograph that depicted him, his wife Mira, and his two children, Misha and Zain, taking in the breathtaking scenery of Switzerland.

Shahid Kapoor has been working nonstop for quite some time, but now that he has some time off, he is focusing on spending quality time with his family. The actor, together with his wife Mira and their children Misha and Zain, are now vacationing in Switzerland. On Saturday, he uploaded a picture on social media in which he can be seen standing atop a hill in the background of a picture in which Mira and their children are relaxing. The four members of the family were seen taking advantage of Switzerland’s breathtaking scenery. When Shahid Kapoor posted the photo to Instagram, he included a caption about how important it is to surround yourself with individuals who make “your heart full.” “When you are with the people that are most important to you, your heart will always be full. absolute, unadulterated, and at its core. Spend time with the people that make your heart feel complete. Always had your back, my’s,” the caption on one of his photos said.

In addition to that, Mira Rajput has been providing glimpses of her journey to Switzerland. Earlier in the week, she posted a selfie with Zain and referred to him as a “serial photo bomber” since he was in one of Mira’s images. The shot was taken after she had shared it with Zain. She revealed some details about her evening out with Shahid on Friday, which she did earlier today. She captioned the photo with the phrase “Dinner date with Amore Mio.”

She proceeded by saying, “Chesa Veglia is known to be one of the top restaurants in St. Moritz; nevertheless, what stuck out for me wasn’t simply how simple yet excellent the meal was; rather, what stood out was the way the environment completely engulfed us in Italian warmth and kindness.” The low ceilings, wooden interiors, and rustic ambience transport you to another time and place, one to which you may have had a strong sense of belonging. The pizza topped with brie was my favourite, and I really couldn’t stop eating it (I even jumped over Shahid’s plate to get more). And thank goodness the motel wasn’t too far away because, girl, these boots were not made for walking.

Jersey was the location where Shahid was last seen. He will be appearing in the next series Farzi alongside Rashii Khanna and Vijay Sethupathi, and he is excited about the project. In the beginning of this month, Raashii Khanna stated that people will like the chemistry that she has with Shahid in Farzi. In addition, she guaranteed that those seeing the future film directed by Raj and DK will take pleasure in what they see on the big screen. In the upcoming film by Ali Abbas Zafar, Shahid will also make an appearance.

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