The mercury in the United Kingdom has dropped into the single digits as “unseasonably strong winds” come in.

As the United Kingdom braces for three days of rain and “unseasonably” high winds, residents are being urged to prepare for temperatures that might drop as low as -20 degrees Celsius.

Temperatures in several areas of England reached almost 30 degrees Celsius as a result of the current heatwave; however, forecasters predict that by Tuesday, temperatures will fall into the single digits as a new front sweeps in. Temperatures will be anywhere from 15 degrees Celsius to 23 degrees Celsius across the country as we head into the next week. Thunderstorms will be the most prevalent type of weather across the nation.

The Met Office forecasts that the weather on Sunday will be gloomy with the possibility of rain or showers in the northern and western parts of the country.

On Monday, there is a good chance of seeing some sunshine along with scattered showers, with some of the showers in the north becoming rather heavy.

Tuesday will bring rain to the western region, which will break up into showers by Wednesday. The rest of the region will remain primarily dry. By Wednesday, the temperature will have reached a comfortable level.

Conditions elsewhere have been unpredictable, with periods of sunshine and a few scattered showers, although the eastern sections of the country have remained dry and relatively warm. Gale force winds are expected along the shore in the northwest.

“Windy with outbreaks of rain, locally heavy, pushing in across western areas through Sunday morning,” said Nick Finnis, a meteorologist with “The rain turning more showery through the afternoon, showers turning heavy with a risk of thunderstorms too – more especially across Northern Ireland and South West Scotland,” he added.

“North East Scotland, eastern and southeastern England keeping generally dry and windy with sunny spells again, however it’s impossible to rule out the possibility of an isolated light rain.

Temperatures will reach 15–18 degrees Celsius in the north and west of England, but 19–23 degrees in the east and southeast of the country.

The regions of Northern Ireland, northwestern Scotland, northwestern England, and portions of Wales, according to predictions made by experts on the weather, will be the ones to see the most frequent rains between now and Sunday morning.

However, there are not as many people moving further eastward because it is likely that the more east you go, the drier and sunnier it will be.

Mr. Finnis continued, saying, “Continuing unsettled and windy throughout the western half of the United States early next week.”

“The low that was present over the weekend will go away to the north, but it will be replaced by another low-pressure system that will come in from the west to the west of Ireland on Tuesday.

On Monday, we will have a combination of sunny periods and showers moving east over many portions, with strong thundershowers in some localised areas.

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